You were always on my mind (and other chicken musings)

Welcome to my first, or second, official post on my new domain.  I always wanted to be master of my domain and now (and for a very reasonable price I might add) I am.

I was thinking this morning of chicken and other assorted random things but the chicken thoughts were kind of sticking so I know that I will have to do something with them. New readers may not know that I have been known to go off on a chicken rant, and other assorted ones, every so often, mainly in my head but sometimes out loud and this morning while eating my daily bagel and having some yogurt it was no different. I was thinking that I have done a whole Greek chicken on the grill, pounded as for chicken and greens, cubed and done with olives and capers, with rustic tomato sauce, etc., etc. so I was thinking that I would try a Greek chicken (it’s what happens when you are eating Greek yogurt) but in a different way with a sauce. I am admittedly not terribly fond of sauces because most tend to cover the flavors of the food on which you are using them but I believe there is a way to do a sauce that would compliment the flavors in the main course as opposed to covering them. This evening’s attempt will be to do a Greek yogurt sauce sort of like a Taziki but with a twist, which I have not figured out yet, to go over spinach and feta stuffed chicken breasts.   I have yet to figure out the sides to be served with the entree but I am hoping to come up with something interesting.

On a side note, I will attempt moving all of the previous posts (from a hosting site that will remain nameless) and I am hoping to be able to archive them on this site for your reading enjoyment. We will see how that goes.


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