I know, I know! Sheesh! Enough already…

I know that I promised, oh say, three weeks ago, that I would rescue my older posts from the other blog site (which will remain nameless) and post them here to give an historical perspective of from what this blog came. This being “the fruit of its loins” so to speak. Let me tell you, the rescue mission was a harrowing adventure fraught with danger and intrigue.  Well, maybe not so much, but it was difficult to find time to rescue the posts from an unforgiving venue.

The first posts I did were something called “Burger Week” where I wanted to showcase different types of burgers. This post was the first one from that time and is a burger that I thoroughly enjoy to this day. I am sorry I do not have a picture of this one but it was and is tasty and not beef, if you can believe it.

Burgermania and Burger week…

I promised to put some recipes out on the site this week and I will deliver. I have declared this “Burger Week” in the run up to the Fourth of July. The burgers will cover all except the vegetarian ones (I am still trying to perfect my black bean burger) and will feature stuff that swims, runs and flies (sort of flies domestic turkeys are not too good at it). Today’s offering is my “Thanksgiving in July” burger and was done a few years ago after my daughter decided that she could not handle red meat. I have tested it with several groups of skeptics (mostly my son’s red meat eating friends) and they declared it a winner. If you try this, I hope you enjoy it.

Thanksgiving in July Burger
(makes 3 – 4 servings)

1lb – Ground turkey breast
1 tsp – Poultry seasoning
1tsp – Dried sage (can also use 4 to 5 leave fresh sage chopped fine)
¾ tsp – Coarse ground sea salt
¾ tsp – Coarse ground black pepper
½ cup – “Craisins” (sundried sweet cranberries)
¼ cup – Extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup – Vegetable stock
Stove Top Stuffing (prepared according to the directions on the box)

In a large bowl combine turkey, poultry seasoning, sage, salt, pepper, olive oil and vegetable stock and mix thoroughly. After this is complete add the “Craisins” and mix until they are evenly distributed through the mixture. Take and make into 3 to 4 patties (depending on who you have eating). Because turkey can have a tendency to dry out quickly, these should be grilled on a relatively low temperature (300 to 350 degrees) until done.

Serve the burgers on a toasted bun with a thin layer of Stove Stop Stuffing on top.


The Well Fed Cyclist


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