The road to…well you know…is paved with –

Good intentions, the things that drive some of us who are a bit OCD to do things they would normally not do, like light up the computer after spending 12 hours with spreadsheets at work. That’s right boys and girls, 12 hours, of tedious, formula writing, updating and auditing.  It is enough  to make a grown man scream! but, I won’t, because it might wake the neighbors.

Today, however, I had the fortunate chance to be at the dentist with, what I will say, is one of the nicest group of individuals I have run into in a very long time.  The attention to their patients I witnessed is unparallelled. Not quite what you expect from the dentist, eh?  They are great and if anyone needs a recommendation for a good group of professionals, please let me know. You most likely are wondering what in the world a trip to the dentist has with food but for me today it was everything. In my conversations, while waiting, I came to realize just how passionate I am about making great food and sharing that passion with anyone who will listen.

But, I digress, I have been cogitating (kind of a technical term) on how people should approach food. For me, simplicity in ingredients executed wonderfully is the key. I had the opportunity to be in Italy on a deployment with the Army and had the great fortune to eat at some of the smallest, off the beaten path, hole in the wall places Northern Italy had to offer. All of the dishes I ate were simple ingredients combined together in a way that complimented each other like the members of an orchestra. I cannot say that I always am able to reach this goal but it is what I strive for with every recipe.

I will post more from Burger Week tomorrow!


The Well Fed Cyclist


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