“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings (Lewis Carroll, “The Walrus and the Carpenter”)

I am not so sure about the shoes, ships and sealing wax and,  I am pretty sure I will not be talking about kings but cabbage, well, that is a different subject altogether. I have been eyeing a particular green bunch in the produce aisle for quite some time. I guess you could say that I was kind of stalking it? (no pun intended, really). Its deep green leafy leaves called to me, so, I bought some.  Over the years, I have worked with a wide variety of different cabbages from Bok Choy to Radicchio and have done them grilled, sauteed, stuffed and other assorted ways but this is a new one on me. The picture is of Tuscan Cabbage or sometimes referred to as Tuscan Kale or, if you prefer (to impress your friends),“cavolo nero” in Italian. The green has a flavor profile much like kale only without the slight bitter aftertaste and  seems like a sort of a cross between a Napa cabbage and Kale. I am not quite sure how I am going to approach this one but I have a couple of ideas rambling around in the old noggin. While I try to figure out a direction with this new ingredient, here is the third post from “Burger Week” off the old site. This recipe is the second of the turkey burgers and is quite tasty.

Gotta love a burger with a hula skirt…

Well maybe no hula skirt but it does have sort of a Hawaiian flair. Also, sorry, there are no alcoholic beverage ingredients in this recipe so you will have to fend for yourself and come up with a good excuse to buy extra at the grocery store like, “Honey, you never know when we will be in a beer emergency and since there are solar storms erupting we should be prepared.” There is also the ever popular, “I really thought the recipe called for lots of (insert name of favorite beverage here).” With the follow on, “Since we already have this stuff we might as well drink it because we would not want it to go to waste.” I am certain that even the least creative among you can come up with an excuse. You could even blame it on the dog, if you have one.

I am not sure if I can tell you the exact origins of this particular burger (it may have originated because I was bored and wanted something Asian’esque for the grill or perhaps because I had a fresh pineapple and was not jiggy grilling something in the pig family) but needless to say people liked it. I served this with a nice green salad (fresh baby greens with arugula to tie it to the burger) with a ginger dressing and crispy rice noodles on top for texture and squash sautéed with onions, sliced ginger and red bell peppers.

Here is the recipe:

T2 (Hawaiian) Burger
(makes 3 – 4 servings)

1lb – Ground turkey breast
4 tbsp – Teriyaki sauce
¼ cup – Vegetable stock
1 tbsp – Dried basil (you can substitute with fresh if you have it about 5 large leaves chopped fine)
1handful – Fresh chopped parsley
1 tbsp – Coarse Ground black pepper
¼ tsp – Ground ginger (you can also do fresh grated ginger but go easy because this is a strong spice)
4 slices – Fresh pineapple

In a large bowl combine turkey, teriyaki sauce, vegetable stock, basil, parsley, pepper, and ginger and mix thoroughly making sure that all ingredients are distributed evenly. Take and make into 3 to 4 patties (depending on who you have eating). Because turkey can have a tendency to dry out quickly, these should be grilled on a relatively low temperature (300 to 350 degrees) until done. At the same time grill the pineapple slices until they are warmed through and have those nifty looking grill marks on them.

Serve the burgers on a toasted bun with some spicy arugula.



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