You say tomato, I say “tomahto”…

I am not sure I would call the whole thing off, and some folks will have probably already seen the featured picture on FaceBook, but I thought I would go ahead and commit this short, but extraordinarily tasty recipe to the food blog.  As the story goes (and you know how that is), I was walking through the local groceria when I saw a beautiful vision. (key dreamy music) The vision was of multicolored Heirloom tomatoes together in harmony in the bin longingly asking for some attention. As readers of this blog will know, sometimes vegetables speak to me and these were no different and were asking me to do something creative and colorful.  I chose a wide variety of different colors and sizes because they all have a slightly different flavor profile. However, all of the different types of tomatoes have a kind of sweetness to them so I wanted something to balance the flavors and that is where the Kalmata and green olives plus some sweet onion came in.  This recipe was kind of a departure for me in that I decided on a side dish before I even picked out the protein.

We Can All Get Along (mixed Herloom tomato salad)

Gary Bechard – The Well Fed Cyclist


4 to 5 – Heirloom tomatoes of varying size and color, cut into small wedges

8 to 10 – Miniature San Marzano tomatoes sliced in half length wise

8 to 10 – Yellow Cherry tomatoes sliced in half

1/3  – Medium sweet onion, sliced and quartered

1/4 cup – Kalmata olives sliced

1/4 cup – Green olives with pimento sliced in half

1/8 cup – Champagne vinegar

Construction Instruction:

On a large plate or small platter put down the bed of onions spacing them evenly across the entire surface, layer on each of the types of tomatoes making sure to kind of mix up the colors (have some fun with your food for once people) at the end sprinkle the different kinds of olives evenly on top.  To top it all drizzle the champagne vinegar on top and chill for about 40 minutes so that the flavors REALLY get to each other ( averitable flavor orgy, if you will).

This was served as a side for simple baked salmon filets with steamed cauliflower as the other side dish.  I meant to do some pearled cous-cous but the meal just did not need it.



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