A “Manhattan Project” of my own…

There comes a time in the human existence where preservation of gastronomical integrity and taste is key. I have agreed to do an undertaking not unlike the original “Manhattan Project” which will help secure the human existence (or at least a small part of it).  It will not be as secret as the original but it will be carried out methodically and in a way as to preserve her anonymity. My mission, which I have decided to accept, is to teach a person with limited to “interesting” culinary skills to make food which will not look like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion or some random modern art piece at the MOMA. Some might say this is an epic if not impossible task but, I will persevere and teach this individual how to cook as it is my belief that everyone is able to cook. Even my daughter, who burnt a boiled egg and questioned the instructions on a can of soup that said “heat thoroughly”, can now cook good Asian and South American cuisine.  I believe that my project’s culinary adventures so far have created a self fulfilling prophecy of  sorts which doom her ingredients to…well…less than stellar results. It becomes a question of confidence at this point and bolstering that confidence, along with some basic cooking instruction, will help her see that she can cook. I must remember that “nuclear” (as in her current cooking style) is just an anagram for “unclear” , which may be something she is with regard to cooking.

Sorry there is no recipe today but tomorrow I will continue the “On the Edge” series of recipes with some about Thanksgiving so please stay tuned.


The Well Fed Cyclist


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