Unexpected Pairings?

A funny thing happened on the way to the refrigerator.  I was looking for something that I could kind of have for dessert but did not want anything that was too terribly sweet. A current resident of the fridge was a sixpack of Strongbow Hard Apple cider and I was kind of wanting one of those after cleaning the house from the top to bottom but there were also those hyper thin, triple ginger cookies I got from Trader Joe’s.  I was almost ready to have either one or the other but, not being terrribly thoughtful about the process, I decided to have a stack of these nifty thin cookies AND a Long Bow over ice.  I was not quite sure that this was going to work or if I was way off the mark with regard to the flavors but the result was unexpected and amazing!  What a great dessert! The cool crisp of the hard cider combining with the sweet and spicy of the ginger was excellent!  A substitute for the Trader Joe’s cookies would be the Moravian ginger cookies from Old Salem (near Winston Salem, North Carolina). I highly recommend this pairing.



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