The year in review…

I believe I have been a poor host for this blog over the past few months but let me just say this in my defense, 2016 has not been very good to me.  I was laid off/ downsized/right sized/ sold/merged/became a redundancy for the 5th time in as many companies and I am getting to the point where it seems I am too old to hire and too young to retire. (any company that tells you they do not practice “age discrimination” is full of it by the way) This has kind of put the “kibosh” on my cooking creativity as I devote most of my days, 7 days a week to finding a new position.  Working with food would be great but the start up costs are a bit prohibitive and I do not have a formal culinary degree so working in a local kitchen is unlikely unless I become the dishwasher extraordinaire.  My promise to any readers I have are that I will do better in 2017 because if nothing else, I am proud of what I do here and hope people enjoy reading the posts even if they do not try the recipes.  Coming up in 2017 will be the last of my cabbage stuffing exploits where chorizo and spanish rice become the mixture and red cabbage the vessel.  (I am kind of looking forward to that one).  Once again, thank you all for reading and for being patient with me.


The Well Fed Cyclist


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