The lost and found…

Every so often a person can find themselves lost without direction or purpose and I can honestly say I am no different. I have started and, ultimately discarded over 20 posts since I last put a recipe out here and there is no other reason than I was just not into it.  Work and frustration had beat me senseless and wore me down to the point of indifference making me feel lost.  So here I am fighting the indifference and trying to get found, again.

I know that everyone needs a reason to be or “raison d’être”.  My reason to be, as I have come to discover, is to have fun writing and figure out ways to use food ingredients to their maximum taste by utilizing all of  their flavor qualities and, not just the obvious ones.  I guess I need this blog to take my mind away from the frustrations.  To that end, I have been quietly stockpiling new recipes so that I will have something to put here and I will get them out shortly, once they make the leap to electronic format from my food notebook. Among these recipes are chicken quesadillas and a pineapple stuffed pork tenderloin. (Yes I am going to go Hawaiian on you)

Since I completed my cabbage quest, I have decided on a new quest and I believe it will be an interesting one.  The quest is to conquer vegetarian cooking in a unique way that will not only cater to those who are vegetarians but those who are not. Obviously I will use only vegetables or vegetable based products but I want to come up with entrees and sides which will not just be, “the same old thing”  because, face it, boiling, and steaming seem to be the main way folks get vegetables done and frankly that is boring.  There are folks out there that destroy vegetables by boiling them into a mush and serving them in a shapeless heap on the plate. (It really should be a crime.) I want to change that and I am fully aware that there are chefs and cooks out there that are way more talented than I am but, I want to see if I can do something new. I am imagining a twist on sweet potato hash, vegetarian chili, nifty lasagna riffs and a whole hearted effort to extract all the flavors I can from various vegetables without breaking the bank.

On a different note, there is an awesome new blog out there that is a must see if you love well written pieces about unique and interesting things about New York City.  The blog is wander woman-nyc ( and is written by the lovely and talented Jess G.  You owe it to yourself to check this out and visit some of the places in New York City she describes in her writing.

Until Next time,


The Well Fed Cyclist

Gary Bechard


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